This section includes real testimonials written by clients I have worked with both past and present in a one to one session and bootcamp style workshops.


They all have different goals and different ways of reaching them but they all have one thing in common and that is dedication.  Take a read at what they have had to say about the training they have been involved with and how they find working with me on a regular basis.


I first met Stuart when he approached me about taking part in my first ever bootcamp. He had always been in good shape and ate reasonably well but had a soft spot for chocolate and cider. He informed me of a recent health check that had thrown up a slight shock which made him to decided to take part in my 12 week fat loss plan.

When we started the camp I gave him a list of movements along with everyone else involved and the majority of them were Olympic lifts and Stuart was determined to master at least one. He took on the overhead squat, he became addicted to making sure by the end of the 12 weeks he could not only complete it with correct form but could also add weight as well.

The pictures alongside this text do not do him justice the amount of hard work and effort that he put into that bootcamp was outstanding and sure enough he managed to master the movement he wanted to.  Listen to what he had to say about myself and the sessions he has been involved in during his time with me.

Jack has helped me realise what I am capable of and is always on hand to help, advise me and give me encouragement. His sessions are tough and always push you further than you want to go but then you realise you're getting fitter and fitter.


Kate first started with me on my fat loss challenge and over the 90 days she progressed massively. I would say she became more confident in her own ability with a little bit of direction from myself and this made her exceed even her own expectations.

Throughout her time with me she was not only learning correct form and technique with some big compound lifts but she also progressed quickly enough to start progressing onto adding weights to the movements as well.

She managed to decrease her body fat and push herself each week to get a significant amount of weight loss but also a good increase in muscle mass which aided her over all daily fat loss. Her fitness levels have come on leaps and bounds and now she has the ability to push herself both physically and mentally when I am not around which is a big achievement. Check out what she had to say about working with me. 

I used to stop working out once I got tired but Jack pushed me and supported me to work harder than I ever have done!
I’m now fitter, stronger and doing activities I never would of done before. I’m signed up to do my first 10k in the spring!


Michelle came to me in very good shape but she wanted to push herself even more, tone up and shed some extra body fat. Her first dealings with me were on my bootcamp 90 day fat loss challenge and due to her being in great shape already I could see I would have to work over time to get her the results she wanted. 

No matter what I threw at her she managed to complete and it was a slow process at first but the body fat started to come down but not by much at all. A few extra adjustments had to be made but it was a test of my knowledge and skills to adapt the training to get her to where she expected to be.

Towards the end of the 90 day challenge she became a lot leaner and stronger and started noticing small changes to her body and when it finally came to the last set of measurement we noticed a good loss of body fat overall.

Since then she has continued with me and does one to one sessions and I am constantly having to come up with new ways to challenge her, especially when it comes down to a core workout as nothing phases her in that department! 


Becca has been with me since day one, since I first started back as a fitness instructor. She was my case study throughout my whole course and now she has become not only a client of mine but a close friend.

When she first started out she wouldn't really be that into the gym and was worried about what people would think but she stuck with it and took on board the tips I gave her over the weeks and slowly but surely she started to get great results.

Her confidence grew and before I knew it she would be in the gym every night pushing herself harder than the last time to get the results she wanted. Even to this day she attends one, sometimes twice a day and puts in the work no matter what and her weight loss transformation is always present.

She pushes harder than ever, always wants to make the correct changes and listens to all the pointers I give her in order to get the best results out of her training. She is very determined to get to where she wants to be and I have no doubt that will continue into the future.

I first started training with Jack over 6 months ago.

I have used personal trainers in the past, but they have never kept me motivated enough to stick with them.

Jack keeps each session focussed, challenging (always pushing me to my limits) and above all great fun.

I am delighted with my results so far.  I had no idea I would see and feel the difference in my shape, tone and fitness in such a short time.  Also, the difference in the weight I can now lift is unbelievable and just goes to show, with the right training and support you can achieve so much more.

I would thoroughly recommend Jack as a personal trainer.  Whatever your goals are, he will listen and identify how to help you reach them. 

Also, he’s a personal trainer who really knows his kettlebells!!!

I have been training with Jack for over a year now.
My main reason was for weight loss.
In the first 6 months of training with Jack I’ve lost more than I could imagine
Jack keeps his sessions fun and always keeps me motivated pushing me to my limits and beyond.
I am in better shape than I have ever been and consistently have more energy.  I have lost weight, gained muscle and increased my endurance!
I’d recommend training with Jack to anyone and I’m continuing to work with him and look forward to achieving even more results!!


Megan has only been with me a few weeks but she is already making exceptional progress. She is determined to become healthier all round and has her own individual goals in mind that keep her focused between our sessions.

She wants to become stronger and leaner and she is well on her way to making even more progress over the upcoming weeks and I can't wait to see how far she can go during her time with me as she has big potential.

Her diet has improved and she is eating the right meals to aid growth and recovery which is important for the type of training we are doing. Have a quick look at what she has to say about her training so far.

I couldn’t recommend Jack enough, since getting back into the gym routine after travelling I was in search for some motivation and someone to really push me  and get myself a healthier figure and improve my over all strength. 


Jack took all my goals into account and any previous injuries and creates a varied training session every time and really talks me through the technique of each move and I’m already seeing and feeling the difference! Can’t wait to see more changes as we continue to work together. 


So Clare reached out to me for her own unique reasons and her main aim was o lose a certain amount of weigh to help her with reach a point she had never been at. 

She has been with me for a few months and has put 100% into every session, no matter what I have asked her to do. Her attitude towards training wasn't the best to start off with and she wasn't sure if she would enjoy it but as the weeks went on I helped change her outlook on working out and  turns out she stared to enjoy each and every session more and more which is always a bonus and helps make my job a lot easier. 

She has lost a significant amount of weight and has improved her overall fitness while working with me and she has improved on the strength side of things as well which has also helped her with day to day tasks. Take a look at what she has to say about working with me.

I have enjoyed it so much, my fitness level has increased,  its not just myself that has noticed differences in my appearance and given me more confidence. Totally loved the session,  yes you work me hard and pushed me each sessions, but it was with encouragement and support that I got through the sessions and made improvements in the short time.


I had a laugh and you made sessions fun and adapted the activities when i struggled doing something, even got use to the videos you uploaded. If someone said to me I would miss going to the gym a few months ago I would have laughed at them...but I know I am going to miss the sessions.