Personal Training

I offer both one to one sessions and paired training sessions and I focus my attention on a clients goals and needs to make sure they are getting maximum results from each workout. I make sure sessions are kept interesting and fun while keeping the main focus on getting the most out of each individual during their time spent with me. I have a 100% success rate with every client I have had the pleasure of working with and I thrive off helping people work  towards a better lifestyle 

Online Plans

I have designed and put together a range of different workout plans that are available to download to your tablet or phone within seconds of being purchased. Each individual plan has been broken down and they are suitable for every level of fitness from beginner to expert when it comes to working out. The files can be downloaded as PDF documents and can be saved once purchased and I also do personalized plans if need be for those who are looking for specific workouts.

Price Breakdown

1 x 60 Minute Session Per Week


2 x 60 Minute Sessions Per Week


3 x 60 Minute Sessions Per Week


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